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If you’ve been thinking about a side hustle or if you have a side hustle, undoubtedly you’ve heard of The Side Hustle Pro podcast. I am a podcast junkie (check out some of my favorites here). I started listing to The Side Hustle Pro podcast ages ago. So, just imagine my surprise when I opened my email inbox one morning a few months ago to find a note from The Side Hustle Pro herself, Nicaila Matthews Okome, requesting to interview ‘lil old me! You could’ve knocked me over with a feather!

Interview Prep or Lack Thereof

Prep was easy, or so I thought. I talked with her “people”. We agreed on an interview date for about 3 weeks out. I added the interview with Side Hustle Pro to my calendar and went on my merry way. And, then about 2 days before the interview, I sat down and read the prep emails her “people” sent. Everything was pretty straightforward except (1) iPads cannot be used with her recording system and (2) Airpods were strongly suggested. For most people, neither of these conditions would be a big deal. But, you know by now that I’m not like most people.

This was the recording of a different podcast when I was a little more of top of things.

Although I live my life with my MacBook Pro in one hand and my iPhone in another (yes, I’m an Apple whore); I desperately need a new computer. The one I’m typing on right now is a little bit long in the tooth. I love her. She’s served me well. I’m holding off on buying a new computer because I’m afraid. Yes, I’m afraid of the data transport and the time it will take to get the new computer set-up and working.

The sound on my end is a little wonky on this computer, so I use my iPad for anything Zoom call related. So, my plan was to use my husband’s computer with my headset. His computer is 1.5 years old and has all the bells and whistles mine does not. Which means that I don’t really know how to use his computer. And frankly is part of the reason I’m afraid to get a new computer. But, I digress.

The Morning of The Interview

Our interview was scheduled for 11:30 am. I reminded my husband the night before that I had an interview the next day and that I was going to borrow his computer. On days like these, I set a mental schedule. You know, wake up by 7 am. Shower and dressed by 9. Hair and makeup done by 10. By 10 am, I was sitting down to review the interview questions sent over by the Side Hustle Pro. At 10:30, I started to set up my “space” with lights, notes, etc. Ten minutes later, I’m fiddling with Todd’s computer to make sure I know what buttons to push when I realize there’s no slot for my earphones.

Find my tech and work must-haves, here!

Yikes! And of course, Todd left early that morning because he knew I had an interview and didn’t want to be in the way. Full-on panic has set in at this point. I call him and he tells me where to find his fake AirPods. I find them. They’re not charged and they don’t fit in my ears. It’s now 11 am and the interview is in 30 minutes. I am frantically trying to reach the Side Hustle Pro team but I only have email addresses and this emergency really requires a phone call.

I Am Constantly Organizing Chaos

Thankfully, my husband was out on his scooter and was able to quickly buy a pair of airpods for me.

Thankfully, my husband has far more sense than I do in these sorts of situations. As I’m swirling in my chaos of crazy, he hangs up the phone and hightails it to Target to buy AirPods. By 11:25 I have a brand new set of airpods and we’re trying to connect them to his computer.

As we’re trying to get the new, halfway-charged, AirPods to connect to the computer, Nicaila pops up on the screen for the pre-interview chat. At that point I had to fess up, she could see there was a problem. The Side Hustle Pro podcast has been around for years; I’m sure this was not the first time she encountered a guest who wasn’t quite ready for prime time.

My new airpods

Fortunately, Nicalia is the consummate pro with the patience of Job. She walked us through getting the AirPods connected and 15 minutes later we were ready to start recording.

The Interview

Despite the crazy 45 minutes before the interview, the interview went well. I had a ball talking with Nicaila about all things Effie’s Paper. Her questions were thorough and thoughtful. She took me all the way back to my days as a corporate lawyer, my segue from BIG law to fashion styling, and our first big popup event, Essence Fest 2018. I’ve admired Nicaila and the empire she’s building with Side Hustle Pro from the start. It was truly an honor to be included amongst the group of women she’s selected to feature on her podcast.

An image from Kalyn’s (top) interview on The Side Hustle Pro with the host, Nicaila (bottom)

I had a great time chatting with Nicaila about my transition from law to entrepreneurship and the evolution of #effiespaper. And now that you’ve heard all about the behind-the-scenes, you gotta take a few minutes to listen to the podcast, right??? All jokes aside, I’d love for you to check out our conversation and let me know what you think! Simply click here to watch the episode or here to listen to it.

My new airpods, I never leave home without them now.

The moral of this story? Do not wait until the last minute to read the fine print.

Stylishly yours,

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