Sweater Weather Is Coming! Is Your Closet Ready?

Everyone needs a comfy sweatshirt or two in their fall wardrobe!

Fall Wardrobe Must-Haves

Sweater weather is coming ya’ll and I am totally here for it! I know that it’s still fairly warm out right now and school is just beginning again. But before you know it the leaves will be changing and there will be a chill in the air. So now is the time to begin building out your fall wardrobe!

A black sweatshirt with pink text? Yes please! It goes with literally anything and you’ll be cozy all day loNG.

This Vaxxed and Relaxed Sweatshirt is one of my current favorites!

Team Cozy or Team Chic?

The best thing about fall fashion is how versatile it can be! You can easily dress up a sweatshirt and take it from comfy to chic. Or you can wear it to hangout around the house eating potato chips. I definitely lean more towards team cozy myself, but you can catch me serving a look or two over on Instagram! Sweater weather is opens up a door of creativity.

You can even shop my looks if something caught your eye. I have an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to do so.

One of my favorite fall looks!

Love your cozy tees? You can still rock them, especially if they have a fabulous design. I have a few tips and tricks on how you can easily style your t-shirts. Your closet should be versatile and exciting to look at.

Fall especially, is a great time to play with patterns, layering, colors, accessories, and more. If your outfit is a little plain – add a fun pattern. Worried it might get a little cold? Add a jacket! Fall fashion is truly my favorite because it is such a fun time to play with your style. I personally love to shop my closet. So adding a few staple pieces every season helps me to build out a wardrobe I love.

How does your style change for fall? Are you team cozy or team chic? Let me know in the comments!

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