Organizing My Chaos With New Stationery Products

How I want my desk to look after I organize my chaos

Where Do I Begin?

If you are like me, which I know many of you probably are. Then the first question you ask yourself when trying to get organized is, where do I begin? It can seem like a loaded question. Especially when you have multiple notebooks floating about, each one full of important notes and dates. Then you have to try and configure your calendar so you know where you need to be and when.

It seems like an impossible task at the beginning. However, I have found some products from Effie’s Paper to help me get organized and prevent chaos from occurring again. I’ve been trying to get back on track with everything recently. So, I’m going to share some of my favorite products with you!

Undated Planner Pages

Undated Planner Pages from Effie’s Paper

Talk about a game-changer! I no longer feel guilty about having blank pages or skipping a few days in my planner because I get to date the pages as I go. Between the easy layout and flexibility, it provides me, I have no more excuses for not writing down my to-dos.

The Perfect Motivation

If I’m not writing my thoughts and notes down in random notebooks lying around then I need somewhere to put them and these posts its are perfect. Whether I’m taking a note or two in a meeting or writing something down before it escapes me, these are great. I can write it down and then stick the post it in my planner or on my laptop so I remember to do what I need to.

Pretty Notepads Are A Must

To Do List Notepad that has been essential when organizing my chaos
To-Do Notepad from Effie’s Paper

Notepads are a great option for people who need to write things down but don’t like to be restricted by a planner. You can organize your thoughts and figure out what needs to get done within the next few days without going too far out in advance. Allowing you to work through things as they approach instead of being overwhelmed by a big list of to-dos for the next week or so.

Brain dump notepad used in organizing my chaos
Brain Dump Notepad from Effie’s Paper

The Brain Dump Notepad would be ideal for those who like to just write everything down at once. It allows you to just write it all down and sort it out later on. Great for those, who like me, seem to have a million things going through their mind at once.

These stationery items have been saving me and my sanity lately when it comes to organizing my chaos! My days have never been better planned or more organized. I can now find notes without flipping through different notebooks, and I can sit down and write it all out. Game changers for sure when I began organizing my chaos!

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Living My Best Life Post-It Notes
Being A Badass Is Exhausting Post-It Notes
No Bad Days Post-It Notes
Things I Forgot Post-Its
Brain Dump Notepad
To Do List Organizer Notepad
Undated Planner Page Inserts
Diamond Head Pen (Gold)
Single Tassel
Superstar Travel Mug
Slay Girl Slay Travel Mug
Boss Babe Travel Mug
The Future Is Female Travel Mug

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