Is Roe On The Edge?

What Happens If There Is No Roe?

I’m gutted. Devastated. I couldn’t fathom that we would live in a world where there was no Roe vs. Wade. But, here we are on the precipice of it. I am floundering and really want to check out, but I read something in New York Magazine today by #RebeccaTraister that gave me pause; I’m sharing it in case anyone else is feeling the same way:

“If SCOTUS does indeed strike down Roe, many of us will not live to see its reverse. These rights were decades in the winning, decades in the undoing, and will again be decades in the remaking.

You can’t ban abortion, you can only ban safe abortions.

is roe v wade going to be overturned

Yet this does not mean despair or accepting of defeat, which would be yet another instance of giving in to short-term comfort and ease. It’s incumbent on us to not check out, to not give up, as it will be tempting to do on most days: not to evade responsibility by shifting the blame to others, but instead to face the future with respect owed to our forebears and a crystal clear vision of who is going to be suffering right now and in the coming years. To settle into the work ahead, knowing that the answers won’t come in the form of a superhero candidate or a single election cycle, but rather in a rethinking of who’s authoritative and who’s hysterical; of who should be at the center and who should be at the margins; in staying committed through both wins and losses because people’s lives, and not just our own grievances, are at stake. We must reimagine whose lives and experiences should guide us into a future that must, now, be different from our recent past.”

Elections are happening now and again in November. This is a central issue. VOTE.

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