How To Help Small Businesses During Coronavirus

This is a weird time to be in the business of selling products. Some people find shopping therapeutic. Others find the idea of shopping right now akin to crazy. I think a lot of us fall someplace in the middle. Nevertheless, I am beginning to feel overwhelmed by all of the messages in my inbox and social media feeds about how now is the time to take advantage of this great offer and that great offer. And yes, I know that I too am guilty as charged.

In phone calls over the weekend, yes we now have time for those, a few friends asked me how things are going and then kindly asked if there was anything they could do to be help. It was nice to be asked. So, in case you too are wondering how to support your favorite small businesses as we continue to navigate the unchartered territory the corona virus has wreaked upon us, I thought I would share a few thoughts. Below are few things that I know would be helpful for Effie’s Paper (and I imagine other small business owners too).

Seven Ways to Support Small Business Without Breaking The Bank

  1. If you can afford to, go to and shop; maybe order a gift card for your bestie to cheer her up, everyone can use a little sunshine, right?
  2. Follow us on Instagram, LIKE our posts, watch our Insta Stories, be social with us, engage, ask questions and respond to the questions we ask you. We’re asking because we really do want to know what you think! Your opinion matters to us.
  3. Share one of our Instagram posts that you love on your IG story.
  4. Share a photo of your favorite Effie’s Paper product on your Instagram feed.
  5. Follow us on Pinterest.
  6. Refer friends that you know would fall in love with Effie’s Paper :: Stationery&Whatnot if they knew about it; tell them about our pretty feed being a bright spot in your day.
  7. Share this blog with your friends as a place to go if they’re interested in style, travel and joyful living.

Let’s keep washing our hands, supporting one another and keep our behinds at home ‘cuz right now, we’re #alonetogether!

Stylishly yours,


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