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HiNote, My Newest Obsession

HiNote app icon

What Is The HiNote App?

HiNote is a paperless stationery option. I know it sounds crazy. It’s kind of in the definition of the word stationery. It usually requires a piece of paper and a pen. If you know me, then you know that I am an avid stationery (paper) lover. It’s even in the name of my small business, Effie’s Paper, however, this app allows me to send digital stationery to my loved ones. How fun is that?

The app offers custom, unique, and expressive forms of mobile communication. If you are like me and love to stand out and be “extra” at times then you’ll love this app too!

A handwritten note means more every day that texting in blue and green bubbles persists as our means of communication. I know. You can’t send a handwritten note for everything you need to say. I don’t think the postage system is fast enough to catch my husband before he gets home so I can ask him to bring me a latte. Or when I need to reach out to an old friend for an event that’s coming up quickly. But, I keep thinking, wouldn’t it be nice?

A mobile note I sent to my BFF to see how her recent trip was!
The response I got!

I’m Sending Them To Everyone!

This is where my new obsession comes in. It’s called HiNote; a digital form of personal, unique notes and letters. I can create “handwritten”, or should I say “hand-typed”, messages. I have been using it for everything; texts to the in-laws, thank yous for the little things, and even a good morning or good night to a friend.

It’s the easiest way to make a text message feel more personal and touching. Stationery can become a part of your everyday life.

Such a fabulous way to send well wishes and love over text!
Definitely more personal than looking at a text bubble

It’s enabling me to use stationery save for some paper and some ink. I can still feed my paper lover soul and enjoy the beauty of stationery for everyday messages. In a sea of blue and green bubbles, a thank you message customized for me and only me is a breath of fresh air. If I can’t always use the way that puts the pen to paper, I’ll use the meaningful but paperless. Go, send your friend a personalized message. It’ll be fabulous and appreciated.

Paper Stationery Still Owns My Heart

Now don’t get me wrong, while I love this app, I still prefer my traditional stationery! Boxed stationery sets will always have my heart because nothing feels better than opening a personalized letter. But the app is nice on a day-to-day basis.

Stylishly Yours,


Walk on the Wild Side Boxed Stationery Set
Smiling Faces Thank You Notes Boxed Stationery Set
Pretty AF Boxed Stationery Set
Shine Bright Boxed Stationery Set
Hello Sunshine Boxed Stationery Set
Too Glam To Give A Damn Boxed Stationery Set
Stay In Your Magic Boxed Stationery Set
Star Burst Thank You Notes Boxed Stationery Set
Hey Girl Hey Boxed Stationery Set
Flora & Fauna Thank You Notes Boxed Stationery Set
Good Things Are Coming Boxed Stationery Set
Hi & Bye Boxed Stationery Set
Rainbow Ball Point Pen
Green Flower Pen
Diamond Head Pen (Rose Gold)
The Future Is Female Rollerball Pen
Embrace Your Magic Rollerball Pen
Hello! Boxed Stationery Set
Seeing Stars Boxed Stationery Set
Diamond Head Pen (Gold)

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