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What’s your relationship to Effie’s Paper::Stationery&Whatnot? I am the owner and creative director of Effie’s Paper. The company is named after my maternal grandmother, Mrs. Effie Hayes, who believed that a woman should always carry a hanky, wear the perfect shade of red lipstick and be able to write a wicked thank you note. To check out our latest product launches, the BEST coffee mugs and the coolest Black Girl Magic swag, head on over to EP by clicking here.

Can we collaborate/work together? I’d love to! I’m all about dynamic collaborations. I’m super excited to be back in this space and look forward to working with like-minded creatives and business-oriented brands interested in blazing new trails. Feel free to email me at kalyn@effiespaper.com.

Are you one of the co-authors of The BAP Handbook :: The Official Guide To the Black American Princess? Yes, I am. Guilty as charged! I wrote The BAP Handbook years ago with 3 friends when I was a young lawyer practicing BIG law desperately looking for a creative outlet. We were lucky enough to get a book deal and land on the cult classic shelves. If you haven’t read the book and are curious, or if you have and want to refresh your recollection, click here to find a copy.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to start their own stationery company or products based business? Girlfriend, do I. I could write a book. Ok, well actually I did … it’s called REAL TALK 101: A Resource Guide To Starting Your Own Online Store.