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Welcome to Stylishly Yours, Kalyn. I am a life long letter writer who turned my love of stationery and all things stylish into the lifestyle accessories brand Effie’s Paper :: Stationery&Whatnot. Prior to dipping my toe into the entrepreneurial word of e-commerce, I was a fashion stylist for busy professionals and had a popular blog called Possess Your STYLE. I stopped blogging because I quickly learned that starting a product based business was not for the faint of heart; creating product, fulfilling orders and blogging regularly didn’t really go hand-in-hand. But, somehow things have a way of coming full circle and here we are.

My how things have changed in my time away from the blogsphere! It’s been fascinating to watch the internet grow and see fashion blogging morph into a full time contact sport. Well, I’m no longer on the sidelines watching … and the one thing I do know is that the old adage remains true, “fashion can be bought … but style, one must possess.”

I love fashion – high, low and in between. A stylish woman has that certain je ne sais quoi … you’re never sure if she bought that skirt at Target or Max Mara and that’s as it should be! Clothes worn without style, I don’t care how much you paid for them, are just garments worn to cover up your bits and bobs. If you agree, I’m in good company! I’m delighted you’re here and I’m excited about sharing my musings on style, travel and joyful living with you!

Oh, and if you didn’t know it, Instagram is my love language … just click here to follow along. Ciao bella!