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A Sock Club?

A sock club? … Yup, we’re launching a sock club over at Effie’s Paper. But, wait .. don’t you sell stationery and notebooks? Yes, we do. But, we also sell socks. Lots of socks believe it or not. We’ve been selling socks for the past two years.

The first pair of socks we launched were our 100% That B! socks – they became a best seller overnight. I hoped they would be well-received, but I truly had no idea what our customers would think about them. I knew I wanted to use the phrase “100% That B*%$” on something. At first I thought a notebook or a mug, but after playing around on the computer for awhile, nothing looked right. Then one of my manufacturers told me she had the capacity to make socks and I figured what the heck. Effie’s Paper has become known for it’s whatnots. And, as a lifestyle brand, socks seemed like a good product category to add to our lineup.

I took a gamble on adding socks to our product line up.

I wish I could say there was something more scientific than that, but sometimes it just is what it is. We launched our first pair of socks in the Spring of 2021. They’re pink of course because as you know, we like pink over at Effie’s Paper. Our first design sold so well that I was afraid to create a new one for fear that it wouldn’t live up to the first design. But, our Low Key Bougie socks launched last Fall and while not quite as popular as her sister – she definitely held her own.

There’s just something about this phrase that makes me happy.

The idea for more socks, not necessarily a sock club, but more sock designs began to gel when I was standing in our Union Square Holiday Market booth last Christmas and people kept buying socks. They bought notebooks, planners, pens and stationery, but they really bought socks. It was interesting to see who bought which design and to whom they were planning to gift them.

We placed our best selling 100% That B! sock front and center in our Union Square Holiday Market booth and they drew people in.

Their reasons varied:

  • My MIL loves socks
  • I don’t know what to get for my niece, but everyone can use a pair of socks and these are fun
  • OMG, these are hilarious and perfect for my BFF

Additionally, a few of my key wholesale accounts shared that our socks had great sell-through rates. And then a dear friend confessed that she became obsessed with gifting our socks to everyone on her list, seventeen people and counting to be exact. Proof of concept? Um, yes. Said friend went so far as to say that:

  1. Socks are easier and cheaper to give than a bottle of wine (plus the recipient remembers her everytime they wear them);
  2. It’s easy to have a few pair of socks stored in her car or at home for gifts on the fly;
  3. The sayings are empowering for women and she gave them to friends, family and clients;
  4. Wearing the socks just makes her feel good and she wants people to see the message on them; and
  5. She would buy a new pair every month.

So, in February, after my January hiatus, I began to work on new sock designs. All the while the idea of starting a sock club, a sock of the month club, if you will started to germinate.

The Design Process

I had a few ideas for new socks and began to play around with them on the computer. My design process is iterative. The final design is always one that works best on the chosen product. As you can see below, the original sock design is different, but similar to the final sock design.

My design process usually involves a number of iterations.

How The Sock Club Came To Be

While going through iterations on the camo sock and another design, I had a conversation with my friend Stacie Bloomfied who owns a company called Gingiber. Entrepreneurship can be very lonely – it’s necessary to connect with other folks in similar spaces to brainstorm, hold one another accountable and learn from one another. Gingiber is also a products-based business and Stacy’s business, like mine, has been feeling the effects of the economy. As we were chatting, she told me about her tea towel of the month subscription club and suggested I adopt a similar model. Her rationale for starting her monthly subscription club was simple – people use tea towels daily and are always in need of more. A light bulb went off in my head. We had new sock designs coming and people wear socks every day. Et volia! The Sock Club was born.

How Does The Sock Club Work?

It’s pretty simple and straightforward. Once you enroll in our SOCK CLUB, there’s nothing else you need to do; a new pair of socks will be sent to you monthly. The BEST part? YOU save money by subscribing to our SOCK CLUB!  After you join the SOCK CLUB, your socks will ship on or around the 25th of each month. You must order before the 25th of the month to receive that month’s pair of socks as a part of the SOCK CLUB. If you order on or after the 25th, your subscription will start the following month. 

If you don’t get a chance to enroll by the 25th of the month, but you want that month’s socks – you can simply order them as you normally would on www.effiespaper.com.

Do You Really Need A New Pair of Socks Every Month?

YES. Yes, you do.

Socks are a part of our daily routine. They provide your feet with protection, moisture control, temperature regulation and comfort. Socks provide protection by adding a layer between the shoe and your foot, easing friction and preventing blisters. They serve a purpose! BUT, that doesn’t mean your socks shouldn’t be cute. Now, they always will be.

A good pair of socks generally lasts between 4-7 months. But, if you’re rough on your socks, they may wear out sooner — anywhere from 3-5 months. A new pair of socks every month means you’ll never run out. I can’t wait to welcome you the Effie’s Paper Sock Club. Click here to join the Effie’s Paper Sock Club TODAY!

Stylishly yours,

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This post contains affiliate links and I may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Please see my disclosures for more information. Thank you so much for your support!

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